Give wings to dental equipment

INJE portable dental treatment equipment

All-in-One System
Portable dental treatment equipment


IPortable dental treatment equipment
that can perform surgery for long periods


Ultra-small size and weight possible for on-flight storage

We developed an ultra-small model for the first time in the world, which can be stored on a plane and is also lightweight at 18kg.

4 functions including suction, scaler,

3-way syringe, and handpiece can be used all at once with no additional equipment required

High-performance micromotor

The strong torque and performance of the micromotor allow difficult surgeries such as tooth removal and implants.

Easy water supply

Convenient expandability that allows equipping with 2L PET bottles enables treatment in overseas regions that lack water using drinking water.

Easy suction waste discharge

Existing products were difficult to use in surgery or treatment for long periods due to the limitations of the suction container, waste can be easily discharged through a simple method.

High and low speeds can be used

with a single handpiece 100 RPM to 200,000 RPM can be used with one handpiece.

Composition of portable
dental treatment equipment

Areas of application of
portable dental treatment equipment

1. Universities

2. Army bases

3. Health centers

4. Nursing homes

5. Missionary activities

Introduction video

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